Was I the Real Life “Lawrence”?

I’ve been Lawrence more times that I care to admit. A fuck nigga who thinks that he’s actually a good dude. That’s a tough pill to swallow, but I have to be a man about it and own up to my bullshit.

Vick’s Jab at Kaepernick is Bigger Than a Haircut

I’m disappointed because every time I see Vick on television it seems that he’s going out of his way to say what he feels like “they” want him to recite. Disappointed because this is clearly an attempt to get a job– at the expense of another black man.


It’s funny because everyone always says, “follow your dreams!” while they’re not fully aware of what the term truly means…


Have I ever been more at peace? More spiritual? More in-tune and attuned with the Universe than I already was? NO. But all of that changed when my lifestyle…

4:44 Album Review

Instead of taking the new breed to the woodshed, he simply pulls them to the side and lets em know that “Hov did that– so hopefully, you won’t have to go through that…”

The Inconsistencies of “War”

My question is, are the policymakers going easy on today’s heroin users than their predecessors did when they were confronted with the disenfranchised and financially impoverished?