Memoirs: Malik Appreciation Day

“I took this promotion to work less– not more!” I mumbled to myself as I hung up my phone while walking towards my hot ass car on a hot ass day. Today is July 4th, but here I am just now leaving work as everyone else is firing up their grills while awaiting friends and…

Memoirs: Soul (Snatching) Food

I go to relieve myself and when I returned, I peeked into the kitchen and saw Zakkiah caressing this woman’s ass. It wasn’t like a casual pat, this was sensual. This woman may not have liked dick, but I had a sneaky suspicion that she was going to get tossed tonight, nonetheless.

The Gift of Vulnerability

Vulnerable… It’s not my favorite emotion, by a long shot. But, it’s the emotion that I identify with each time we connect. I’ve lived a crazy life, to the point that all types of walls, defenses and traps have been built to keep me in and everyone else out. Barriers built to protect my heart….


Do you believe in soulmates? I do. I just didn’t believe that I had one of my own. This tortured soul was too jagged along the edges for all that… I mean, what soul would risk getting close enough to me, knowing that they would endure some level of pain? Sorry to the ones before,…

Memoirs of a Player: Mind Body & Soul

I don’t know what it is about this woman, but she gives me a feeling that I’ve never felt before. The old players before me warned me about giving my mind body and soul to one person, but that’s exactly what I’ve done.

Memoirs of a Player: Game Over (Part Two)

I’m sure for a man it probably seems cool to bed as many as you can, but you’re exchanging your energy with whoever you’re slapping skin with– good and bad.

Memoirs of a Player: My Girl & the Girl Next Door

“No, I haven’t even gotten as much as a text from Will since he saw Malik and I” Brianna says while sipping her wine, “but a couple of my female coworkers in our group chat have asked me how Malik is in bed.”