Allen Iverson Still Only Looking Out for Number Three

Allen Iverson just can’t get right. The Hall of Fame basketball player and cultural icon always has and always will look out for number one. A couple of days ago, he was a no show for the BIG3 basketball games, which were held in Dallas, Texas over the weekend. If you’ve been living under a rock all summer, Iverson is the BIG3’s marquee name the league’s biggest attraction. He serves as both a player and a coach for Three’s Company.
Shortly after news broke that he was MIA, there were reports of Iverson being spotted in Chicago on a gambling spree. TMZ Sports reported on this development.

“Allen Iverson was gambling in a Chicago area casino hours before he blew off a BIG3 basketball league game in Dallas over the weekend … TMZ Sports has learned.”
“Iverson was first spotted at the Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, IL on Saturday night into early Sunday morning. One witness says AI was still in the building at 3 AM.”

“Hours later, Iverson surfaced at the Sugar Factory restaurant (around 10 PM on Sunday — wearing the same clothes he’d been wearing at the casino in the days before. Fans who recognized him asked for photos, but he refused.” 

Trying to build your established brand around Iverson is a total crap shoot, as Reebok and the NBA know about all too well. But, building an upstart league around a someone as unpredictable as Iverson, simply isn’t going to work.
This unfortunately isn’t anything new for the 42 year old star, and that’s the bad part. I say that because there’s a pocket of people who have the same hue as me that will defend this tooth and nail. Being “real” is probably the top attribute that people give Iverson, but what’s so real about not handling business? What’s so real about not being forthcoming and letting someone know that you’re not going to make it to an obligation that you agreed to?
People have made excuses for “Bubba Chuck” since he was a teenager because of what he could do on a basketball court. Being a professional at something most of us dream of doesn’t mean that you get a pass at being a professional adult.


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