Ray Lewis Doesn’t Want NFL Involved in Social Issues

What is it about Black athletes going into FS1 and totally falling into the sunken place? So last night I watched a YouTube clip of Ray Lewis on the FS1 hot take machine Undisputed, and I was definitely made uncomfortable by the rhetoric that the great linebacker spit in regards, not only to former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, but police brutality and a few other issues that have a direct correlation with the things that Kap was protesting against. 

But before I jump into that, I have to paint the picture and give the source of Ray Lewis even having an opinion on this matter. Over the weekend, it was announced that Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti and the team consulted with fans, sponsors, and Lewis about potentially bringing Kaepernick to Baltimore. The Ravens front office, in rare NFL transparency about the possibility of signing Kaepernick, admitted that non-football factors are at play with bringing in the former 49er.
The Ravens have gauged public opinion on signing Kaepernick, and they’ve found a very split response.
In regards to the product on the field, I’m not sure that there’s a person with two eyes that can say Kaepernick is not better than Ryan Mallett, who is currently stinking up training camp. The actual interest in Colin centers around the progress of Joe Flacco’s back. If his injury lingers, it could force the team to pull the trigger on a bigger move. Taking a look at the best available quarterbacks, there’s not much better that any team in the market for one can do right now. 
But back to Lewis, who was once charged with murder, but took a plea deal on an obstruction of justice charge, in the death’s of two men, went on a rant about “black on black” crime. Of all the things to use as a crutch in this situation, this dude goes to the tried and true diversion tactic of proximity crimes. Even going as far as to say that no one is willing to go in black communities and “stop black folks from killing themselves.” Keep in mind that this not the first time that Lewis has went to this argument. Back in 2016 during the Freddie Gray trial, he posted a video taking the Black Lives Matter organization to task for not doing anything to stop what he termed, “black on black crime”.
I’ve been to Baltimore, and it’s as every bit as grimy as HBO’s The Wire portrayed it go be. While I’m sure he’s made a few charitable contributions, and has shook a few hands, but it seems that nobody made Ray aware that Keapernick’s actually putting boots on the ground and going into these communities himself with his traveling camp called “Know Your Rights” that works in communities to help educate and empower young people, which could keep them off the streets, and potentially lower proximity crime rates. 
This has become much bigger than the National Football League issue. Social injustice is running rampant and it seems like the dominant society is calling upon anyone who looks like us, but will spit their narrative in a public forum. I can’t tell you not to watch football in autumn, but I can tell you to check up on exactly who and what you’re supporting, because as we should all know, Kaepernick or some of the others who have protested could be taking a knee for someone you know.


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